BioDome Programs

The creation of BioDome was just the first step in what has become a revolutionary schema change in the way Biology is taught at Bayonne High School. Interest in the facility has been so great from students, parents, and community members that numerous programs have been created to bring the joy and excitement of the life sciences to the masses.

Biology Curriculum

All Bayonne High School students have the opportunity to participate in activities utilizing our BioDome critters as part of their core Biology class. Students either visit BioDome with their Biology class, or our critters can come visit them!

Biology STEMinar

Ninth grade Honors Biology students enrolled in the STEM Track of the Academy for Fine Arts and Academics have the option of enrolling in either a Biology or an Engineering enrichment and research course, what we call a Seminar Class. Students electing to participate in the Biology STEM Seminar (or “STEMinar”) as we’ve grown to call it, is an intensive hands-on, research-based, inquiry course that turn students into Junior Biologists, conducting care and observational research studies on the organisms in BioDome, as well as expanded BioEngineering projects utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art technology.

Gateways to STEM

BioDome is proud to be a part of our district’s innovative Gateways to STEM program. Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Gateways to STEM, a program held on Saturday mornings, in which students participate in rigorous enrichment activities in Biology, Computer Science, or Mathematics, in preparation for high school academic rigor designed to prepare our 21st century students for college and career paths.

Bayonne Visiting Animal Program (coming soon)

Animals need to get out too! Our BioDome critters along with their student caretakers will soon be visiting elementary schools throughout Bayonne to bring the joy and excitement of the life sciences to all district students, in all grade levels! If you are a Bayonne teacher and would like to request a personal visit, please contact us.

Passport to Biology (coming soon)